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Streaming is the End of the Line for CD’s?

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

I think its worth reading this article by David Byrne before I say anything as its pretty comprehensive on the current situation with Streaming

His article is called “The Internet will suck all creative content out of the world”

I’m not sure thats strictly true and I doubt we will see the end of creativity because of the Internet in fact the reverse could be true and many artists are creating more than ever before.

But my point is the future of the record ,album or CD,the hard Copy of an artists rendition may well be over.

With the advent of Spotify,Pandora,Youtube,Deezer and Google Play based mainly on a monthly fee one can listen to any music one wants to whenever one wants.

Maybe with Classical and Jazz it is less likely to use streaming to listen but I listen a great deal on Pandora and I cannot remember the last time I bought a CD and when I did I bought it from through

So there goes Record store as such but we all know thats happened already but what about the CD sales from on line retailers or otherwise.

I basically think the CD is a thing of the past and its over as a format.

Sure there will always be the “odd” buyer as there are for actual vinyl albums still.

I heard that Vinyl sales are actually increasing especially in Japan.

But for a Record Label to sign an act and give them a budget to record and mix those days may be done.

Of course there are always those top 20 or 30 artists that sell  a lot of Hard Copies and Downloads and are also popular with streaming services.

But its interesting that Beyonce released her latest CD available on iTunes only!

But why buy music in physical form when you can hear it whenever you want for $8.98 per month.

I wonder what will happen to “itunes” although they have their own streaming equivalent with the radio.

The solution will be,as it already is with most Jazz Artists, is to make your own CD at your costs and get the word out anyway you can.