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This year I’ve had the pleasure and hard work to travel to China,South Korea,England,Paris and Japan.

As a general comment it is getting more difficult and it’s as if airlines no longer care especially the US based airlines.

Travel on Japanese,Korean or China airlines is a totally different experience as they seem to want one’s custom.

I have to include British Air and Air France who are very caring.

I write this not just to be critical ,which it is,but because it doesn’t make sense.

And its not just myself who experience these travel nightmares.

I recently had a client of mine who went to London to play at the Ronnie Scott Jazz Club in London.

He left and got delayed by the airline and missed his connection in Atlanta to get his flight to Heathrow.

He waited 3 hours in one queue (Line) and never got to the front of the counter and jumped the line into Priority travel line for another 1 1/2 hours.

When he got to the front of the line all the flights to Heathrow that day were full and the airline had him on flight through Manchester which is some 200 miles from London.

I was in Tokyo Japan and through the wonders of modern communication we were able to get in touch and he ended up going to Manchester and catching a train to London then a cab and he got to his own rehearsal half an hour late.

He had to buy cloths as his luggage was long gone and it arrived late in the night after the performance the following day.

The gig went well and was well attended and he played on a borrowed instrument and he more than pulled it off.

The Airline are going to reimburse him for the cloths which is excellent.

But his main complaint was, it was as if the airline didn’t really care and having to wait in line all those hours to get an alternate flights was horrendous.

My experience on 2 different US carriers to Tokyo and back was equally horrendous with bad food,small seats and poor service.

The 2 flights on 2 different Japanese carriers were a pleasure and just so easy.

I guess we have no alternative but to use these airlines and if you are rich and can travel in Business class or above then I’m sure it is not the same experience.

I for one will insist on a foreign airline in future for all international travel but isn’t that a sad reflection on the state of US Air travel.