Playing Trombone again

Posted: November 27, 2012 in General Music, Jazz Music, Music

I had bought a King 2B Trombone earlier this year from Sam Ash in Tampa and it was a great find as it a 1976 horn made in Cleveland.

In September I noticed on Facebook David Manson asking about a Trombone player was needed for the St.Petersburg College Big Band.

I called him and went down on a Monday at 1 pm and got the gig.

I’ve been going every Monday and Friday now for some time and what a joy it is to be playing again.

I even get to play the 1st Trombone chair and my lip and range is improving.

We have 2 Christmas concerts in December on the 7th at a retiree home  and 13th at the AD Section of the St Petersburg College at 1:30pm.

Its so great to play music as thats what is really all about and what got me into this business in the first place.

Thanks Dave for the oppurtunity.



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