Touring and off to London to see the Queen!

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was in Japan recently with the Kyle Eastwood band at the Blue Note Jazz Club Tokyo (The best Jazz Club in the world by far) some weeks before the Tsunami and earthquake hit.

I was going to blog about my experiences in Japan and what it is like to tour there but with all thats happened it seems inappropriate.

But I will say,besides wishing them well and a speedy recovery from the disaster that touring in Japan is a very satisfying experience.

The courtesy and care they take to look after all aspects of touring is the best in the world.

One does one sound check and set up and from then on every show is exactly the same ,its quite amazing.

Their manners are perfect and that enables them to live and survive in very crowded environment.They make it work!

Today I’m off to the UK to see family and also go to Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club where Kyle and the band are playing 4 nights this week.

Then the band are touring the UK and I meet up with them again in Paris on May 12th for a special promotion show around the new CD being released today April 18th entitled “Songs from the Chateaux” on Candid Records.

For me its one the bands best CD’s to date and their 4th for Candid so far.

I will check in from time to time and give you any news and I hope I get my wedding invite for Prince Williams wedding on April 29th.

A special part of this trip for me is to see my daughter Elisabeth Moss next week at the Comedy Theater in the West End of London where she appearing with Keira Knightley in a play called “The Childrens Hour”.

Then to Germany to see my grandson who is playing soccer over there and I get to see my 88 year old mother and brothers Tony and Steve.

Should be a good trip.



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