Selling the Gig by Cheryl Hughey

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Artist Management, General Music, Personal Manager
An excellent article on selling your gig.She says it all and more. 

Excellent stuff.

Thanks Cheryl


Cheryl Hughey





Selling the Gig





by Cheryl Hughey 



After a lot of hard work, you’ve been invited to play at the biggest club in the area. You’re elated. The excitement builds as the date draws near. The mojo is flowing and you’re ready to own this town.  The phone rings and the venue representative tells you that the city’s hottest monthly magazine wants to feature the act on a full page spread.  That amazing photo you sent via email had sealed the deal. It was just what the editor wanted but you need to send a high resolution copy ASAP to make the deadline.  Unfortunately, you have no idea where the original is located. You try to buy some time but it’s a bust.  Without a high resolution image, the magazine will not run the feature. You’ve been sunk by not being prepared.

Sadly, this story is based on an actual event that happened to a handler of a national act. As any working musician or supporting professional in the business knows, getting press and packing venues are all part of the game.  How well you draw a crowd determines your assumed value.  If word gets around that you’re pitching hard but not delivering the numbers, you may find yourself in a bind. However, learning to maximize publicity opportunities can increase your worth and improve your relationship with venues.

What are the things needed to help you sell your brand and put butts in seats? Below is a list of the basics everyone needs in order to effectively promote a concert:

At least one high resolution photo by a seasoned photographer

-The photo must be current. Nothing is worse using a decade old photograph and not being able pull it off in person.  Avoid Photoshop abuse.  Overcorrection is obvious.  Cheesy “cut and paste” backgrounds are for amateurs.

Updated biographical information

-It pays to hire a professional writer. A solid biography says you’re serious to any reporters reading it.

-If you’re a solo act with a band, provide the name/instrument/website of each band member in advance to the venue. There are fans that love their sidemen. It’s your job to show them off.

-Don’t forget that all information must be verifiable and accurate. No cheating.

Quote page

-This is a list of things the press has said about you previously. Keep each quote short and simple, as it will help the venues create flyers or e-blasts for the event.

Description of the set

-What type of music are you playing the night of the concert? This helps the venue accurately sell you…especially if you often play in various configurations or genres.

-Send at least one copy of the current CD to the venue publicist in advance. Landing a preview of the concert can be dependent the timing of getting materials to the newspaper.


-If you have a professional video of your band, send it in advance to the venue for potential television news coverage.  Do not send uncut footage or send YouTube links.  You need to have the actual video file.  Also, the video needs to be of superior quality for a news team to use it. Rough video shot by a home camera that hasn’t been edited will more than likely not work. Just because you posted it on YouTube and its gotten lots of hits does not mean it is of broadcast quality.

-Note:  The term “B roll” is sometimes used to describe the preferred style of footage.

I hope we’ve provided you with some helpful tips.  Use these tools wisely and you will be well on your way to creating a solid reputation for being in charge on and off the stage.

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Cheryl Hughey

Executive Director

Cheryl Hughey Promotions


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  2. […] The busiest day of the year was November 16th with 95 views. The most popular post that day was Selling the Gig by Cheryl Hughey. […]

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