So you’ll always be a sideman? PART 2 Addendum

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

A very good accomplished sideman friend of mine sent me a message on Facebook that promoted me to add something to my original post.

To quote him he said the following:

“Great insightful post, Ron.  I would however like to add that you have to be careful not to presuppose that every musician wants his “name on the marquee”. For me personally, I’ve been content dwelling in the shadows and getting to work with the talented artists that I do. Being a sideman DOES have some plusses.  Just wanted to make that point.”

This is very true and as he says not everyone even wants their name on the Marquee and that I should have said so in the original post.

Its a very good point he makes as not everyone wants to be the  star but they are a star in their own way are both content and talented as sidemen.

Whats interesting about this post, without mentioning any names, is that this artist is probably one of the most reliable and competent sideman I’ve ever known and he is incredibly supportive of the “Star” he performs with on all levels and in all circumstances.

There must nothing more frustrating for a band leader than to have  a sideman who wants to be the leader.

That just does really work and they should iorm their own band.

Maybe the secret here is “to do what you are doing while you are doing it”  in whatever role you have in life.Do it to your maximum ability as reversely it must be a nightmare for a band that has a leader who does not want to be the leader or cannot lead the band.

Thanks to my dear friend for pointing this out.


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