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I came across these 3 links on the Crazed Hits Web site and found them very interesting.

For managers the 360 deal forum is very good as this is a fairly new concept for Record Deals.

The Chris Blackwell interview was really surprising as I heard odd things about him over the years but here talks a lot of sense.

If you are looking for a record deal then Peter Paterno’s interview is a must see. The 360 Deal with Don Passman as moderator Chris Blackwell Island Records President Attorney Peter Paterno

Very informative if you are interested in whats really going on in the music business these days.


Maybe I’m getting old ( I am 66) and out of touch I don’t know but I found the MTV Awards TV show incredibly boring and extremely childish.

Besides NOT one memorable musical performance it was all about how one looked and what one said and just how many times you could use the F word it seemed to me.

Thank goodness for Sandra Bullock at least someone with acting ability and some class (I know the kiss) but who wouldn’t want to kiss Scarlett Johansson.

But the constant use of  F word …..what the heck is that all about?

We all (well not all) use it, I know I do, but it seemed like the total way to get off on the MTV awards was to use the F word whenever possible.

So what , so you know the F word and you said it on TV?  WOW!

Its like my 11 year old grandson who cracks up when he says it and his parents don’t here him (Heaven help him if they do hear him).

So it was, to me, just a bunch 11 year olds with no musical or acting talent (Tom Cruise and the girl from “Up In the Air” excepted) who have wonderful bodies and pretty faces and lets give them an award and let them swear on TV?

They are not musical awards or film awards at all unless one likes “Vampire” movies but just teenage style awards with the F word thrown in.

The irony is that those speeches that used the F word were unintelligible!!

One speech I heard was just a bunch bleeps and I have no idea what the guy said and I think it was a top film award.

“Whats the point?”

*Great staging and lights though and the camera work was brilliant and the dancers were amazing I’ve got to say that.

I think one of the greatest enemies and at the same time, for an artist especially, one of the greatest assets is an “EGO”.

Its impossible to be an artist with any talent and to not have an “ego” or a sense of ones uniqueness and talent maybe a better way of saying it.

It is essential in fact and part of what is needed to stand out there and perform.

Anyone who stands on a stage and starts performing his art and expecting, dependent on the ego’s degree, to seek the admiration of that audience MUST have an ego but does he also have the HUMILTY?

When the ‘EGO’ takes over, look out, as in my opinion the artist is lost.

I have personal experience and I know my ego collapsed my career or was certainly a major factor in it’s demise.

It is a very humbling experience believe me.

I remember one artist I worked with who started to “loose it” as his career hit a bad patch  and demand this and that and one of his demands involved some legal matter so I had to call his attorney.

On explaining to the attorney the demands he said “oh sh.. he’s started to believe his own bio” which is a great way of stating the situation.

This is maybe more a lesson in life experience but I find humility so refreshing and something an audience gravitates towards in the end.

There is nothing better to experience than sheer talent with humility…don’t you think?

To see some amazing performance by an artist that takes ones head off delivered with humility is a stellar experience.

Of course the greater the performance the more ego one can show.

Ego is something a manager has to deal with and both allow and control or not let get out of control at least.

The manager often gets to see a level of the ego that the artists audience never experiences but I think an audience can sense it if its over the top.

I was trying to think of artists with great talent and yet humility.

How about John Lennon,John Coltrane,Michael Brecker, James Taylor,Andrea Bocelli to name but a few you may or may not agree with my choices.

A little humility whoever and whatever we are or do, I believe, is an admirable quality and much more pleasant to experience than an ego which after a while becomes extremely boring.