I haven’t written anything for a few days and  I realized I was reluctant to do so.

I was feeling embarrassed and was wondering if this was the right or wrong thing to do.

What the hell am I doing writing a blog?

What do I know and does my opinion matter?

Not a lot probably and I  feel its just a little pretentious to sit and write what you think about something ….so what who cares!!!

And all that may well be true but apparently it is the very nature of blogging I began to realize and it actually takes some sort of actual confronting to blog and I was definitely having second thoughts about continuing and still am really but my daughter and son in law continue to encourage me and I have even had some compliments would you believe?

BUT what about “so and so” I wonder what he thinks and that artist I worked with all those years…. are they laughing at what I’m saying… its all the people that are not saying anything what do THEY think!

Then it struck me and I started to write this blog.

As a manager one is always in the background and no artist wants his manager the subject of discussion good or bad as it the artist not the manager its all about and thats true.

Then I remembered something  directly relating to the confront of an artist and what he actually subjects himself to when he records or performs and creates.

I had a discussion one time with an artist who was having real problems with this almost to a  “stage fright” point but even deeper than that…he was doubting his creativity and creations.

But is that any surprise really and can you imagine writing a song, recording it and then putting it out to an audience and knowing  anything could happen.. it could be hated, loved,respected for its compositional strength….but not liked…it would appear to be a nightmare and it was to my artist friend!

I read 2 reviews on Brad Mehldau’s new CD today.

One loved it and one panned it completely!

I wonder how Brad deals with this as I don’t think I could and thats probably why I don’t write songs and never sing in public nor would I even if you paid me a million dollars …well maybe a million dollars 🙂

I think you get the point.

Thats what I admire about artists… they have the confront,the  real confront to create.

I think artists are very “brave” people who put their creations out there……naked……for all to see and they stand a very good chance of having them severely critiqued and mocked and it happens all the time, you know it does.

I’m not sure I could do that and I don’t plus then I look at myself being worried about writing a silly little blog that very few people will see or read. What a whimp!!

Artist should be admired and appreciated just because they are artists and thats why I love them and like to work with them and help them get their music or art out there to the public anyway I can.

I guess the payoff is when the creation is admired and liked and even loved and there is no financial value that can be put on that I’m sure.

I know because I got an E Mail from someone that said they liked my blogs…so there is a least one out there and it felt good and now I’m waiting for critic he’ll come I’m sure.

I also think it would bode well for critics to think a little more about this as most have failed as artists and thats why they are critics and the guy who took Brad Mehldau’ s New Cd apart in that review today would do real well to review his intentions for doing so as I think those intentions are highly suspect as there is no way that criticism was deserved regardless of how “bad’ the CD was.

I guess its fashionable to be a Simon Cowell but give me Ellen any day as she is really careful to respect the artist no matter what her opinion.

And thats why I like and admire artists no matter their art.

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