Since attending that seminar on Internet Marketing last week I’ve become more and more interested in this area as a manager and how it can be used to further the career of ones clients.

Some 5 years ago my friend and President of Concord Records said at one of our breakfasts at Jerry’s Deli.

“It is essential that an artist now get involved with his career on a very personal level and build his own fan base by going on Myspace  and responding directly to messages and interacting with his fans directly”

This has stuck with me all that time and boy was he correct.

The point Glenn was making was could one imagine as a fan of some artist in our youth receiving a personal message from say, Stan Kenton, John Coltrane or Miles  in response to a letter one sent them?

It never happened to me but if it had I would have been a fan of that artist FOREVER no question about it.

I would have bought every album he made and maybe erected a shrine in my bedroom.

I certainly would have done so if “Lonnie Donegan” had ever written to me personally as he was my idol in those teen days.  I doubt anyone knows him but he was banjo player/ singer with the Chris Barber Jazz Band and he practically invented a new format called “Skiffle” music in the 60’s in the UK with hits such as “My Old Mans a Dustman” and “Putting on the Style

I digress.

But the point is that this is the opportunity that all these Social Networks offer the artist these days that they never there before.

Its the enormous plus point of the Internet and I believe is a major factor these days in an artists success IF HE USES IT!!

It is my understanding that artists like John Mayer and Dave Mathews have over a million plus followers on Twitter and they personally post tweets all the time themselves.

And the tweets aren’t “Buy my new CD” or “Get your ticket for my concert in Bla Bla auditorium” they keep it real and personal, not too personal I guess but who knows if one had the b…ls one could talk about anything.

I think it would great to know from Miles Davis that he woke up this morning feeling upset about the argument he had with his girlfriend last night or he didn’t feel so hot today or he had a great idea for a song, it would certainly keep my interest.

So I think one has to keep real and honest for it to work and is the reason FaceBook and Twitter are passing up Myspace which is far less interactive and personal  or immediate but one can still reply directly to one’s messages on Myspace.

I have a rule on Facebook that if I get more than 3 requests from some one to become a fan I delete them as a friend as they are missing the point and just using Facebook to promote themselves and its not real. Take out an ad for heavens sake if thats what you want to do.

But something real I will respond to or at least take interest in.

The comedian from the UK Eddie Izzard, who I love, does a fantastic job on Twitter.

He’s an Executive Transvesite by the way:)

He tweets all the time and you know its him as he says things like “I’m not sure about this show tonight” and other real personal thoughts about things and he always thanks the audience afterwards on Twitter and even tells them he’s on his way to the stage door to sign autographs.Thats pretty instant!

He ran an extraordinary amount of Marathons in a month for charity and he tweeted all the time things like his feet were killing him or he was not sure he could keep it up,it was actually interesting to follow and very real.

Now the problem for the Manager is convincing his artist to do this as it seems it maybe a little time consuming but is it?

How long does it it take to write a tweet from ones iphone,minutes surely?

And the question is 2 fold.

Are you actually interested in who your fans are or are you just being just interesting?

In my opinion thats the difference between the successful and great artists and the unsuccessful ones.

When you are on stage are you being interesting to your audience or are you “interested’ in your audience and how they feel and are they enjoying it or getting what you are doing?

When you go see Tony Bennett sing it feels like he is singing directly to you as he is really interested in his audience & the same with Michael Buble thats why he wows those middle aged ladies and they love him even if he makes Sinatra turn in his grave.

As for the time factor in general what I’m realizing is this is the artists lot these days and this IS being an artist in 2010 and its what is needed and expected and WANTED by the fans.

The result and benefit would be being able to reach 1.5 million real fans (followers) instantly with the Tweet:

“Just finished recording what is the new single for my next CD coming in June called ” You Are Not The one” I wrote it with Stevie Wonder”

Or is that too many digits for the post on Twitter but it tells you if it is?

Thats would sell a few CD’s surely

The point is what else are you going to do for your career if there are no Record labels or Radio Stations that play your music , this is at least something you can do to directly effect and be cause for your career.

Now I have to get my guys to do it more and more!!

One more note I am told the frequency of posts and/or activity on a web site is a major factor in Search Placement to the Google “Gremlins” that go out every month checking out the internet so be active and not one post a month.


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