Further on the article about Universal’s proposal of  dropping their prices of CD’s.

My good friend Rich Denhardt (who was the Head of A & R at Narada Records before EMI closed them down) says this.

“Universal tried this a few years ago… reducing suggested retail price. big rebellion from retail. I hope it takes this time.”

So apparently Universal tried this before only to have it refused by the retailers presumably because of lowered profits for the stores and now where have all the retailers gone.

A lot of the comments I saw on the net and I thought for myself were that the labels were the greedy ones but apparently thats not true and the labels tried to drop the price and it was retailers that rebelled.

There’s always two sides to these  things and one has to get all the data.

Now there are so few retail stores selling CD’s its a great shame as the Music Buisness has disappeared at a retail level where one could go and browse the store and find music.

When I first came to the states from the UK in 1974 I remember being able to go to Tower Records on Sunset and with $20 I could bring home 3 Albums.

1 expensive one at $9.98 and 2 for $4.98 which was the usual price of the new releases at the front of the store.

Every day was like Christmas compared to UK prices of Albums in those days it was amazing or brilliant as we say over the pond.

Plus the selection of music especially in Jazz was very extensive at Tower in those days.

I sound old!!

On a sad note Herb Cohen passed , an old school manager from LA who managed Zappa and many LA artists over the years including George Duke until recently.

Whenever dealing with him it was always entertaining and different for sure as many people will attest to!!



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