A Recovering Artist Manager without a profession

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Artist Management
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I used to…I actually still do…manage artists but my business is disappearing before my very eyes.

I thought I might have something to say about whats going on these days in the music business but I hesitate as I hate people who think they know what they are talking about and have the guts to write a blog,

But here I am writing a blog.

It started the other night when I went to a seminar about the use of the Internet in Marketing ones music.

Listening to every one talk, and there’s was some great data given by the speaker, it struck me just how far down the music business has gone.

There was some criticism of the “Big Bad Record Labels” of the olden days of course, you know how bad they were…bla bla bla.

Then a young artist who was pretty smart and who I’m going to check out at some point asked the big question “How do I finance my career” basically was the question.

So artists slam the record labels as the big bad guys and yet they need those bad guys now?

So I piped up for the first time and said “Sure we can criticize the labels but they were the bank that allowed the artist (IF CHOSEN BY SOME A & R GUY, THE ARBITRARY) to get helped in getting established and there were some great artists established and still are out there I think.

But the suits were crooks and bad for the artist was the comment and it just struck me that every business has its bad guys including governments and politicians  and any form of activity (Toyota safety of the cars,the health care debate and corruption,waste at all levels).

It cannot be avoided and its naive to think that this can be avoided whatever the activity one is involved in and artists must be prepared to deal with it if they are going to achieve their goals.

Boy did this young artist need a record label to bank roll him right now but you know what they are not there anymore.

I have managed many artists over the last 40 years but if I was shopping Norah Jones right now as an unknown artist I would be very challenged to get her a record deal I can tell you as my business has disappeared.

And thats why would like to open up to discussion and I don’t mean just to discuss how bad everything is even if it is bad right now.

Its a desert out there as labels are not making money as they can’t sell CD’s anymore in any quantity so they can’t bankroll the artist hence the advent of the 360 deal (More later)

I believe there are answers out there on how artists can get their music to their listeners and have a career in music.

But the Record Labels were not the bad guys in realty as we certainly need them now but they are not really there anymore as far I can see.

Its not absolute for sure a acts do still get signed but developing a new act right now is a nightmare that is not easily solved.

Of course its a vast discussion and has some serious complexities to it for sure but I’m a Artist Manager with out a profession as our job was to get the record deal,find the agent and be the general and put the team together for the artist and that is increasingly difficult to do.

But I’m not giving up just yet!!

However I may have to go back to playing trombone and no one wants that for sure as I was never that good believe me.

more later ……..


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